Current Trends in Advanced Equity Planning

Our advisory team has put together an educational webinar series focused on current trends in advanced equity planning. Feel free to reach out to any of our experts with questions about advanced ESOP topics below.

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Past Webinars

  • Considerations in Sustainability Planning

    Presented By: Ryan Graham & Tina DiCroce (original air date 2/25/20)

    Description: Learn about a holistic approach to sustainability analysis versus the historic view of sustainability, elements of effective sustainability planning, what you should be focused on when reviewing the long-term sustainability of your current capital structure, and a case study.
  • Considerations Using Compensation Tools for Success and Sustainability

    Presented By: Matt Keene & Ashleigh Newlin (original air date 10/13/20) 

    Description: Understand the role of compensation in sustaining your leadership team and your company. Through two case studies, learn about how a new management team took the reins at an ESOP company and how an employee-owned engineering firm re-evaluated its ownership structure.