Chartwell is pleased to announce that Chemonics has successfully completed a refinancing of its existing senior debt credit facility. The new facility provides significant financial flexibility and capacity to support new business initiatives and long-term strategic plans.


2022 Promotions

March 2022

2022 Promotions

We are excited to announce the promotion of twenty team members across all Chartwell offices and service areas. Our professionals emanate respect, integrity, and professional courtesy. These traits lay the strongest possible foundation for building enduring relationships and cultivating meaningful careers.

Nick Braun – Managing Director
Tim Lang – Managing Director
Ashleigh Newlin – Director
Ryan Atchley – Vice President
Ted Kang – Vice President
Jeff Anderson – Senior Associate
Michael Fischer – Senior Associate
Josh Graff – Senior Associate
Will Rehnberg – Senior Associate
Marissa Semple – Senior Associate
Ali Robinson – Associate
Mack Rosman – Associate
Sam Callen – Senior Analyst
Jay Christensen – Senior Analyst
Andrew Cooper – Senior Analyst
Scott Fudenberg – Senior Analyst
Noah Haverlock – Senior Analyst
John Hooker – Senior Analyst
Reece Jacobson – Senior Analyst
Lucas Pelner – Senior Analyst

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