Tina DiCroce

Tina DiCroce
Vice President


Tina advises business owners, management teams, and boards of directors at ESOP companies on how best to manage and fund their ESOPs for long-term sustainability.  She works with C-suite level executives to analyze the impact of various strategies on the ongoing repurchase obligation and participant benefit levels.  She is recognized nationally as a leader in repurchase obligation forecasting and helped develop sophisticated repurchase obligation models used by hundreds of ESOP companies.  Throughout her career, Tina has worked with companies of all sizes in diverse industries across the country.



Tina is a member of The ESOP Association, where she currently serves on the Finance Advisory Committee and is also an Officer for the Pennsylvania/Delaware Chapter.  Tina is also a member of the National Center for Employee Ownership and the Ohio Employee Ownership Center.


Tina has presented at conferences and events throughout the country on the topics of ESOP repurchase obligation, ESOP sustainability, and ESOP benefit level analysis.



Prior to joining Chartwell, Tina was a Director and Repurchase Obligation Study and Consulting Practice Manager for ESOP Economics.


Tina holds a Master of Arts degree in liberal studies and a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Villanova University.