Chartwell is pleased to announce Blackstone has successfully completed a minority equity investment in Salas O’Brien, a leading employee-owned engineering and technical services firm.


Equity Compensation Considerations for ESOP Companies

What are the most common equity compensation award forms and design trends for ESOP companies? Understand eligibility and coverage issues, typical equity weightings, and the use of equity compensation design to drive your strategic plan and promote sustainability.

Webinar air date: 6/30/22

Matt Keene

Matt Keene

“My highest satisfaction comes when clients say that our work structuring their executive compensation program helped them achieve their goals. The “how” (pay levels, incentive structures) is pretty easy. The “why” is the challenge and the reward.”

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Katie Lind

Katie Lind

“Over 15 years of advising companies on executive compensation, I can attest that every business has unique challenges and goals. I enjoy working with clients to design customized compensation programs that meet the needs of both the company and their senior talent."

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