Chartwell is pleased to announce that Chemonics has successfully completed a refinancing of its existing senior debt credit facility. The new facility provides significant financial flexibility and capacity to support new business initiatives and long-term strategic plans.


Our holistic approach helps stakeholders make strategic decisions designed for the long run.

Our professionals utilize their deep understanding of finance, ownership, and compensation strategies to offer you meaningful insight and analyses to guide your decision-making. Whether you are seeking a review of your entire corporate framework or have a specific area of focus, our process and sophisticated analyses result in recommendations carefully developed to meet your objectives.

ESOP Ownership

Running a business is challenging enough; however, ESOP companies must also manage the nuances of operating with a government-regulated retirement plan as a shareholder.

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Individual Ownership

Developing and implementing a systematic ownership transition plan for privately-owned companies seeking to remain independently owned is of the highest strategic importance.

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Executive Compensation

A well-founded executive compensation program empowers your firm to recruit and retain requisite executive leaders and aligns their efforts towards attainment of the strategic plan.

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Strategic Objectives

Our process starts with developing a deep understanding of your business and long-term goals. We take the time to understand your ownership and compensation philosophies in the context of your business strategy.

Alternatives Analysis

The world is dynamic and rapidly evolving—your planning needs to be robust to ensure you are considering the wide range of possible situations your firm may encounter.


Our analyses and recommendations are focused on optimizing capital structure, which enables executive leaders and boards to create shareholder value while managing enterprise risk.

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