Chartwell is pleased to announce the promotions of several Chartwell team members across the country. Congratulations on a job well done!


Optimizing ESOP Distribution Policy

What options are available when designing an ESOP distribution policy? What are the consequences of different distribution practices? How can distribution policy be used as a tool for effectively managing future repurchase obligation?

Webinar air date: 5/14/19 

Ryan Graham

Ryan Graham

“My career has been devoted to helping ESOP-owned companies sustain their businesses and manage through their unique challenges. It has been an absolute pleasure working with companies across all industries and tailoring custom solutions to help them meet their goals.”

Meet Ryan

Tina Langlois

Tina Langlois

“I really enjoy working with and educating companies of all stages on the ins-and-outs of managing their ESOPs. To know we have helped a company understand all the available options and have recommended a solution that will best help them meet their unique objectives is truly rewarding.”

Meet Tina

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