Chartwell is pleased to announce Blackstone has successfully completed a minority equity investment in Salas O’Brien, a leading employee-owned engineering and technical services firm.


Using Compensation Tools for Success & Sustainability

What is the role of compensation in sustaining your leadership team and your company? Through two case studies, learn about how a new management team took the reins at an ESOP company and how an employee-owned engineering firm re-evaluated its ownership structure.

Webinar air date: 10/13/20

Matt Keene

Matt Keene

“My highest satisfaction comes when clients say that our work structuring their executive compensation program helped them achieve their goals. The “how” (pay levels, incentive structures) is pretty easy. The “why” is the challenge and the reward.”

Meet Matt

Ashleigh Newlin

Ashleigh Newlin

“I enjoy working with companies to articulate their unique compensation philosophies and using my background in financial analysis and optimization to help companies get the most out of their executive incentive programs.”

Meet Ashleigh

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