Chartwell is pleased to announce Blackstone has successfully completed a minority equity investment in Salas O’Brien, a leading employee-owned engineering and technical services firm.


Alternative Financing Sources in ESOP Transactions

There are various alternative financing sources for transactions involving ESOP-owned companies. Transactions can be related to initial ESOP transactions, partial-to-full ESOP transactions, growth initiatives/acquisitions, or for a myriad of other purposes. The type of alternative capital chosen depends on many things including the amount of capital needed, the company’s cash flow/collateral coverage, strategic objectives, and uses of the capital. There are also certain considerations for key stakeholders before seeking these alternatives.

Dan Kaczmarek

Dan Kaczmarek

“Bringing a solutions-based approach is at the heart of what we do. Our clients’ objectives are the ultimate driver of how we approach and structure our capital markets transactions.”

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