Chartwell is pleased to announce Blackstone has successfully completed a minority equity investment in Salas O’Brien, a leading employee-owned engineering and technical services firm.


The 4th R – ESOP Recapitalization to Address Mature ESOP Issues

Existing ESOP companies often have competing capital claims in the form of repurchase obligation and corporate strategic initiatives, among others, and only have a finite source of cashflow. What if there was a way to address all capital claims? The use of outside capital has proven to be an effective way for boards and executives of ESOP companies to achieve new levels of success.

Webinar air date: 4/23/24

Ryan Graham

Ryan Graham

“My career has been devoted to helping ESOP-owned companies sustain their businesses and manage through their unique challenges. It has been an absolute pleasure working with companies across all industries and tailoring custom solutions to help them meet their goals.”

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Dan Kaczmarek

Dan Kaczmarek

“Bringing a solutions-based approach is at the heart of what we do. Our clients’ objectives are the ultimate driver of how we approach and structure our capital markets transactions.”

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